Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lynette's First Aim: Helen's Bo Peep quilt

Hi there! Let's get this party started, even though blog construction is still happening.

I'm Lynette C - I blog over at What a Hoot Quilts (the original blog of that name, which has been around for many years now). I have an astonishing number of UFOs, which are cataloged at my blog. As if that weren't enough of a challenge, I'm known to take on relatives' UFOs in special circumstances. That's where this one comes into play.

My husband's great-aunt is turning 90 soon. We visited her on Valentine's Day while we were in Nebraska. Knowing I am a quilter, she excitedly held a private trunk show for us of her greatest quilt treasures. One was a silk tie crazy quilt made by her grandmother in the 30's, with sugar-sacks for its backing from the mill that her grandfather worked at. Another treasure was this quilt top here.

This was also made in the 30's. Helen's grandmother, Lucy Haney, made it for her way back then, but couldn't finish it. Helen has kept it treasured in her cedar chest all these years. We both are tickled by the basting stitches on the Bo Peeps that Lucy hadn't removed:

Its fabrics are in incredibly excellent condition, and they include flour sack fabrics on a background of good muslin. Nothing is deteriorated or torn. Helen was not fishing at all, but I could tell that she really regretted not being able to put it on her bed now. She visibly startled with unexpected joy when I asked if she would like me to finish it for her for her birthday. 

So this is my current UFO top priority. I've been doing a lot of research on working with older vintage tops and have carefully considered how to add the eyelet ruffling around the edge that she wants without stressing the old fabrics. I'll share how I do that when I get there.  :)  I need to finish by the end of April. I work on a domestic table-top machine - a Viking Sapphire. It's not nearly as fast as longarm work, but it certainly does a fine job. Now to wrestle up the nerve to actually dive in!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What Is This About and How Does It Work?

If you've been quilting for a year or more, it's quite likely that you have projects you started in the past and then set aside for one reason or another - and you may even have some you've never even touched yet!  

Well, this is a group blog to help motivate you to finish those old projects. Its intent is to be low-key enough to not stress us with extra strictures about *how* we go about working on those UFOs. There aren't time frames to remember to put up specific goal or report posts, but this will  still give us a minimal framework that boosts end results.

How does the blog work?  

First, you comment below, stating that you would like to be added to the blog. You will then be able to contribute to the posts. 

Next, you choose a UFO. Go ahead and put up a post letting us know what you're working on. When you finish one of four stages, you get bragging rights! So put up a post celebrating some accomplishment at any of these stages:

All the blocks are finished!  The quilt top is all put together!  The quilting is finished! The binding is finished!!

On small projects, you may or may not want to post at every stage. It's all up to you. :D

Your post can be as long or short as you like. At least one photo is essential, though. 

Please label your post with your name (first name, last initial, no space). Just that label, no others. The blog has a search box if you ever want to look for old posts about certain quilts - it'll pull up posts by keywords that aren't in the labels.

We'll keep a group tracking chart in sets of 100 on the sidebar and see how far we get over time! We may also figure out fun ways of tracking personal progress.

What counts as a UFO?  

Let's use the traditional idea of a quilting UFO as something that has sat idle for a significant period of time. These are not just anything at all that's been started and not yet finished.  If something has sat idle for 4 months or longer, it is a UFO that qualifies for The Great UFO Bindup. Doesn't matter how small or large the project is. It's also OK to count projects that you bought the fabrics or kit for, but never started.

What counts as finished?

When the binding is completed, the UFO counts for the Great Bindup! Labels and hanging sleeves are not necessary. However, if you do add a label after your UFO has been counted, go ahead and share that, too. It's always fun seeing how people do those.

Do I have to finish it as originally intended?

No! Feel free to get creative with those old projects, particularly ones that no longer float your boat or that are way huger or harder than you realized they would be. Split them into two or more (and go ahead and count each finish separately), or trade fabrics and/or components out - make it finish up however you want!